RD Connection Broker Config sync failed. Following error occurred: 0x88250001

Hi all,

During a VDI deployment by one of our customer we ran into an issue with the RDS Connection Broker in HA mode. The user were unable to login to the pool.
The error in the RD Management Server Event Log showed up with Config sync failed. Following error occurred: 0x88250001


One of the reason causes this issue was the Licenensing Server which did not have a User or Device selection. So we changed that to “User” for our case.

But after this, users where still unable to login.

To get rid of this error, change the active Connection Broker Server using the Remote Desktop Management Admin Console:
Deployment Overview – Tasks – Set Active Remote Desktop Connection Broker server


This solved the logon problems to the VDI Pool.

Hope this helps someone.



Publish a legacy application on RDS 2012 R2 as RemoteApp

Hi geeks out there,

Today I was running into an issue publishing an old legacy application as a RemoteApp. The application is located on a network share with several parameters. A network drive also has to be mounted.

On the first RD SH I created a shortcut with all the parameters pointing to the application and tried to publish this using powershell. But the application did not start. After that I tried several other powershell command with no luck.

Finally I created a .cmd file on the local RD SH with the the command:

start \serverc$sourcesyourInk.lnk

On the Connection Broker I used following PowerShell Command to implement the application as RemoteApp:

Import-Module Remotedesktopservices

New-RDRemoteApp -Alias “AliasName” -CollectionName “CollectionName” -DisplayName “DisplayName of the App” -FilePath “C:Sourcestoyourcmd.cmd” -IconPath “C:SourcesyourICO.ICO”

Make sure you create all the source files on all the session host in the collection.

Hope this helps!