Publish a legacy application on RDS 2012 R2 as RemoteApp

Hi geeks out there,

Today I was running into an issue publishing an old legacy application as a RemoteApp. The application is located on a network share with several parameters. A network drive also has to be mounted.

On the first RD SH I created a shortcut with all the parameters pointing to the application and tried to publish this using powershell. But the application did not start. After that I tried several other powershell command with no luck.

Finally I created a .cmd file on the local RD SH with the the command:

start \serverc$sourcesyourInk.lnk

On the Connection Broker I used following PowerShell Command to implement the application as RemoteApp:

Import-Module Remotedesktopservices

New-RDRemoteApp -Alias “AliasName” -CollectionName “CollectionName” -DisplayName “DisplayName of the App” -FilePath “C:Sourcestoyourcmd.cmd” -IconPath “C:SourcesyourICO.ICO”

Make sure you create all the source files on all the session host in the collection.

Hope this helps!



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