I’m excited to speak at the in-person event Workplace Ninja User Group Switzerland | Edition 2204 | #WPNinjaCH. The Usergroup event will be held this Friday April 1th in Zürich (Switzerland) at Digicomp. We drive the User Group since a while with the main focus on Endpoint Management, Microsoft Security, Identity and PowerShell. Check out the event website.

Delivering a session in front of “real” people changes a lot again. The nervousness rises a few days earlier than at a virtual event. You want to do it especially well and be well prepared. Not that you don’t do the same in a virtual session, but it’s different. Because of the pandemic, the event could no longer take place in person. Now we are of course super happy that this has changed (at least for this event).


I will speak about Microsoft Information Protection and some more topics. Make sure to bring your use cases for MIP.


Microsoft Information Protection – Getting started and keep an eye on your data! Session 1, 8:15 AM – yes, 8:15 AM


“You started with Microsoft 365, great! A lot of your data now moved to the cloud, so what’s next? This session will show you how to get a good start on data protection using Microsoft Information Protection (MIP). Get the full overview of what Microsoft Information Protection is and how it can help protect our data at rest. Covering everything you need to know, to get started with data classification and how to use Sensitivity Labels on file and group levels to protect your data. And one of the most important: Know where your data is stored, even if data is travelling!”


We will cover those topics:

Hope to see you at the event!


Since years, it is pleasure to work and enjoy the Microsoft community. Ether going to any good events such as Experts Live Europe or also local driven communities. But of course, the pandemic made it not that easy during the last couple of month or better saying years.

For those who know me, I’m a positive thinking person and I’m sure it will getting better and we will be even getting much better to drive community events even during this hard times. This events give us the possibilities to talk to each other, being friendly and also to learn from friends and great persons!

This is actually the main reason for me to join or organize community events – be kind and learn!

This week we where able to held our (REMOTE) Cloud Workplace Meetup Number #10. To bad, we had to cancel one session from our buddy and fellow Timo Breuer, Senior IT-Security Consultant at dinext. pi-sec as he had a major incident to resolve. But his session will be covered in the next month, probably already in January 2022. Let’s see and stay tuned.

It was a pleasure to jump in with my session “Microsoft Information Protection – Getting started and keep an eye on your data!”. If you’re good in Swiss German or you want to learn the great dialect from Bern (by the way the capital city of Switzerland, yes it is not Zurich), then you should watch the recording of my session. Have fun!

Let me know what you think!