Many of you are joining our user group events on a regular basis and since years. Thanks to all of you, for this great community support! Yesterday, my buddy, Roger Pollini, and I defined the event dates for 2022. Find them bellow:

Event 1: 17.02.2022 – (REMOTE) Cloud Workplace Meetup #11
Event 2: 31.03.2022 – (REMOTE) Cloud Workplace Meetup #12
Event 3: 12.05.2022 – (REMOTE) Cloud Workplace Meetup #13
Event 4: 04.10.2022 – (REMOTE) Cloud Workplace Meetup #14
Event 5: 24.11.2022 – (REMOTE) Cloud Workplace Meetup #15

Link to the events:

Of corse, its a free event! Jus make sure to click on “I’m going” 🙂
If you’re new, feel free to subscribe and join the first event in less than a month.


Depending on the current pandemic situation, we try to to organize an in person event during May 2022. There is for sure no guarantee right know, that we can held this that way. However, we’re super happy to welcome you also remote and having your support!


This year, we will have some new speakers on the stage. This is super cool, as this is part of community work to give persons a chance to start their speaker journey. But for sure, we will also host some experienced speakers. If your a MVP or you would like to have a session, feel free to contact Roger or myself. The sessions are mainly held in German.

Thank you again for being a part of the Microsoft Cloud Workplace User Group!

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