During the last couple of years Al Schneiter was invited to speak as public speaker on several events. Mainly events in Switzerland and the europe region. Do not hesitate to contact Al Schneiter for your next event.

If you want to have some references, check out a couple of events Al Schneiter was speaking:

planned: Scottish Summit 2021, 2021, Schottland (virtual)
– cloudeight 2nd edition, 2020, Switzerland (virtual)
– Microsoft Education day, 2020, Switzerland (virtual)
– Experts Live Switzerland, 2020, Switzerland
– CMCE 2004, 2020, Switzerland (virtual)
– REMOTE Cloud Workplace #5, 2020, Switzerland (virtual)
– make it noble web session, 2020, Switzerland (virtual)
– geekmania 2019, 2019, Switzerland
– Azure User Group Zürich, 2019, Switzerland
– Experts Live Europe 2019, Prague
– Experts Live Switzerland, 2019, Switzerland
– Microsoft Tech Summit Switzerland, 2019, Switzerland
– geekmania 2017, 2017, Switzerland
– and more…

Feel free to checkout the Sessionize profile from Al Schneiter and request a booking: Alain Schneiter – Speaker Profile @ Sessionize.com